Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Now a days our school's are closed. becoz in mumbai swin flu diseases is spread. every body knows about swin flu. 'thnks god' from this diseases our school is safe. but we all student are alert with this swin flu. not only in school but im alert in home and market too. this time is very bad wich is going on. bcoz in this time many people are suffering from cold and cough.means " KARELA US PAR NEEM CHADA"
in our country many types are used to fight with swin flu as some are using ayurveda medicines, some are telling to do yoga, and some are telling to read RAAM CHARIT MANAS, Than this swin flu will go away. let it be we all are alert this is very nice thing. i pray to god that this diseases as erly as posible goes away from our country.
" god bless you all"
Preventive meathod- about swin flu
We should tie a Mask or a handkerchif
On our nose and mouth whenever any person Sneez or cough.
And leave away from a person having swin flu.